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Jeanne (“Jeannie”) is a seasoned, board-certified psychologist licensed in California. Jeanne received her PhD from Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) in 2010 and has been in private practice since 2012. She received top-notch, generalist training in evidence-based (ACT, CBT, DBT) and depth-oriented (psychodynamic, existential) psychotherapies. She credits Robyn Walser, PhD and Kelly Minor, PhD with her post-graduate deep learning of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Jeanne integrates her knowledge of psychological science with the unique aspects of each individual client to provide personalized & effective psychotherapy services. She encourages clients to play an active role in their personal growth work and in defining their therapy goals. Jeanne has expertise working with anxiety disorders, trauma, PTSD, family-of-origin/attachment challenges, parenting, child & adolescent development, depression, insomnia, and codependent behaviors. Many of her clients identify as being neurodiverse. Jeanne’s goal for working with all clients is to help them develop a more stable sense of self, authentic and fulfilling relationships, psychological flexibility skills, and values-driven lives.

In addition to individual psychotherapy, Jeanne offers a time-limited, skills-based ACT group for stress, worry and anxiety. She provides telehealth and in-person psychotherapy services out of her Los Gatos, CA office.

In 2024, Dr. Jeanne Jakob, launched her company, Inside Out Psychology, Inc. with a vision of improving/healing the mental healthcare system so that it can function more ethically, humanely, and effectively. Inside Out Psychology holds the belief (backed by research) that accessible, high-quality, multidisciplinary, personalized mental health and addiction services benefits ALL members of society.  Inside Out Psychology provides the general public and leaders/influencers in various industries (corporate, public sector, political, educational, healthcare, entertainment) with “big picture”, systems-based consulting, education, and wellness services.

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Praise for Dr. Jeanne Jakob…

  • trustworthy
  • gritty
  • flexible
  • supportive
  • caring
  • empathic
  • competent
  • honest
  • warm
  • committed
  • professional
  • insightful
  • comprehensive
  • consummate professional
  • intelligent
  • collaborative
  • generous
  • wise
  • respectful
  • knowledgeable
  • smart
  • ethical
  • helpful
  • passionate
  • friendly
  • expert
  • vulnerable
  • thoughtful
  • connecting
  • evidence-based
  • highly skilled
  • conscientious
  • curious
  • compassionate
  • approachable
  • seasoned
  • skilled
  • responsible

Jeanne is a remarkably kind, insightful, patient, and forward-thinking psychologist always mindful of the latest in psychological science. Her expertise in applying the ‘art’ of therapy as well is truly exceptional, and individuals lucky enough to secure her as their psychologist will quickly experience and benefit from her skills.
Fellow Bay Area Psychologist

Jeanne is an incredibly skilled and compassionate therapist and colleague. She has a warm, thoughtful style in which she individualizes treatment to each individual with her strong foundation in evidence-based practice. She is constantly pushing herself to learn and incorporate new approaches in order to give her clients the most effective treatment.

Emily Wharton, PsyD - Psychologist, ACT Trainer, Emily Wharton, PsyD

Jeanne takes her responsibilities as a healer and medical professional very seriously, and consistently strives to offer the best possible care for her clients. Her clients very much value her presence and the work she does with them, and they grow and change and create more satisfying lives with less suffering as a result of it. I think the world of her!

Julie Leader, PhD - Psychologist, JulieLeader.com

She is an outstanding professional. Her patients would be fortunate to have her as their provider.

Carolyn Daitch, PhD - Psychologist, Author, Road to Calm Workbook, Affect Regulation Toolbox, Anxious in Love, and Anxiety Disorders: The Go to Guide for Clients and Therapists, CarolynDaitchPHD.com

Jeanne is a particularly skilled and dedicated clinical psychologist, well trained and experienced in helping people struggling with a variety of mental health concerns. She uses evidence based interventions in a nuanced, individually tailored, caring and collaborative manner. She integrates cognitive, behavioral and interpersonal elements for excellent care. She is a warm and genuine person and colleague. I give her my ultimate compliment – which is that I wouldn’t hesitate to refer a loved one to her care!

I pinch myself often because I can’t believe my good fortune to have Jeanne as a member of our consultation team. Jeanne is relentlessly curious, diligent, generous, and vulnerable, which sets the tone to challenge us to be better while we simultaneously feel encouraged and valued. She truly is all that and a bag of chips!
Soo Uhm, PhD - Psychologist, PsychSkillsForMe.com
Jeanne is a thoughtful and present clinician. She is skilled at building relationships and using her empathy and insight to help people make progress toward their goals. I cherished our time as colleagues and friends!
Danielle Shapiro, PhD, ABPP-CN - Associate Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Michigan Medicine

Jeanne has been a colleague, a friend and a mentor for over 15 years. She champions the work of anxiety treatment, mood disorders and PTSD. I highly recommend her services for both her warm/inviting style and expertise.

Georgia Pitsakis, LCSW - Social Work Manager, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Jeanne is a wonderful person and a skilled professional. I have always been impressed with her skill as a therapist.

James Overholser, PhD - Professor, Case Western Reserve University, Board-certified clinical psychologist, Author of the Clinical Guide for The Socratic Method of Psychotherapy

Jeanne had a solid overview of running a private practice efficiently.

Tamara Wade, MSW, Tamara Wade Therapy

Jeanne is among the most thoughtful therapists I’ve ever known. She is exceptionally well trained in evidence-based treatments and is gifted in her ability to tailor these treatments to her clients. What impresses me most about Jeanne is all of the work she puts in behind the scenes – coordinating with other providers, consulting with colleagues, reflecting on cases in the shower. It’s no wonder she’s one of the most sought after therapists in the Bay area.

Caroline Fleck, PhD - Psychologist, DrCarolineFleck.com
Jeanne’s ability to engage with clients in an authentic and grounded manner created a healing space of trust and hope. Her curiosity and keen intelligence broadened her clinical skills and personal development. Her integrity and ability to create safe boundaries further enhances her efficacy as a therapist.
Eileen Bond, LCSW - Social Worker, University of Michigan Supervising Faculty

Jeanne is curious, compassionate and incredibly competent – a constellation of what makes a great therapist. Having trained with her, I was impressed from day one with her command of the research – and also really appreciated her desire to learn more and more and more. She draws from a wealth of experience and different forms of therapy to provide individualized care, giving all of us therapists an example to live up to.

Jeanne brings deep wisdom, exquisite care, and years of experience to her work as a psychologist. I recommend her, and her work, wholeheartedly.

Jeanne is a flexible and warm, smart and kind clinician and person. She is always looking for ways to improve her practice and client outcomes. She is insightful and creatively able to apply science to improve client function and quality of life.

Jeanne is very skillful as a clinician and I really enjoy consulting with her. I find her opinions very helpful and thoughtful and she is a trusted colleague I happily refer clients to.

Moira Kessler, MD - Child, Adolescent & Adult Psychiatrist, Moira Kessler, MD

Dr. (Duax) Jakob has years of experience and expertise as a mental health professional. She has published research in scientific journals, helped conduct clinical research trials, successfully treated patients with complex mental health conditions, and consulted interdisciplinary teams in hospital and clinic settings. She is intelligent, kind, and compassionate and dedicated to her profession and patients.

Michael Messina, PhD, Associate Chief, Mental Health
Jeanne is an excellent, evidence-based clinician who provides state of the art care to her clients. She provides strength based individualized services informed by collaborative goal setting. She is compassionate and creative in her work, and always striving to maximize her impact on individuals and mental health care more broadly.
Norah Feeny, PhD - Professor, Case Western Reserve University
An intelligent, positive, forward thinker and collaborator.
Kate Keenan, PhD - Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience, University of Chicago

Jeanne is a wonderful clinician who is highly knowledgeable about evidence-based interventions. She also deeply cares about her clients and provides them with the respect, unconditional acceptance, and thoughtfulness they deserve.

Nicole Peak, PhD - Psychologist, Sillon Wellness

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